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Defy Mortgage is a modern lender serving a community of present and future buyers who require a secure, efficient and personalized loan process. Defy takes an innovative and holistic approach to accessing someone’s asset portfolio with a streamlined loan origination process, enabling anyone to have access to mortgage options tailored to meet their individual needs by breaking away from the tired system currently in place.

Defy’s work is rooted in the belief that lending opportunities should be available to everyone so customers and lenders can interact in an open finance world. You aren’t less qualified for a loan simply because you have alternative assets or several streams of income. Whatever your situation, you’ve come to the right place, and we’ll handle the rest.


Our mission is to expand lending opportunities to those who challenge the traditional.


Our vision is to push boundaries through innovation, empower all visionaries, and create a new status quo in lending.

Meet our team of mortgage experts with 35+ years of experience helping future homeowners like you.

Todd Orlando

Co-Founder & CEO

Stephen Light

Co-Founder & Chairman

Michael Rogan


Kim Morrison

Operations Manager

Mike Belloli

VP, Strategy

Ashley Heesch

Marketing Manager

Leandra Henne

Closing Manager

Our values are what define our company culture.

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