We Build Opportunities for

Look, we’ve been through the whole home-building process ourselves, so we know the drill. To make it work and be successful at exit, the buyer needs to get a loan. You know that as custom builders, and  we know that. 

We also know that access to the right mortgage can make or break a project. We’ve seen firsthand that the banks are rigid – many of us worked there for years. That’s why we started Defy – to get ahead of the curve, set new standards in lending and provide non-traditional lending solutions for all. 

We’re here to help  you maximize the opportunities in your market with loan capabilities that are unique and outside the norm. Ready to raise the roof?

Why Partner With Us

Over 75 different loan programs to help your clients solve the most challenging scenarios.

25+ years of experience delivering valuable insights and seamless solutions to clients.

Our concierge client service approach for investors and developers keeps client satisfaction high – like 95% and up.

Custom builders who partner with in-house lenders see an average of 11% increase in home sales YOY.

It’s no secret that many custom builders like yourself are profiting exponentially by offering incentives like mortgage rate buydowns and low rates through in-house construction lending partners.

If you aren’t doing that already, here’s your opportunity. 

We craft custom residential lending solutions that fit your clients' unique needs in a profitable and scalable way.

And the best part? We close fast and make it easy.

Get in on this crew

Our Results Speak For Themselves.

Needless to say, we’re “building” a real presence as a different kind of lender in the market. We can't just let all these untapped borrowing opportunities keep slipping through the cracks. It's time to step up and handle these unmet needs. You in?