Home Loan Fun(ding)

Purchasing a place? That’s a pretty big deal. You know, you’re going to need some help with that… (hi, that would be us). Our team at Defy is here to walk you through the whole purchase process with total confidence. No sweat.

You Have Loan Options, Know Them

Traditional Loans

And for the folks who don't: traditional loan options such as conforming, jumbo loans, HELOC, FHA, VA and other traditional mortgage programs.

Non-QM Loans

For the folks who do things differently like us: non-traditional lending options such as DSCR, bank statements, P&L loans, foreign nationals and more.

Other Loan Types

A bunch of fixed or adjustable interest rates, a variety of different loan terms, various down payment options and all that jazz.

Getting a home loan is a full-time job. If you're purchasing, let us do it for you. So, you in?