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Monthly Payment

Principal & Interest $1421

Monthly Taxes $1421

Monthly HOA $1421

Monthly Insurance $1421

Monthly PMI $0

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How to use the calculator

Punch in your financial details into our purchase calculator machine, and we’ll use some serious arithmetic sorcery to see what kind of home makes sense for your current cash flow situation.

    1. Enter your yearly income. In the yearly income field, input the total amount of money that you make in one year. This can be an estimation.
    1. Enter your monthly expenses. In the monthly expenses field, input the total amount of money you spend per month. This can be on utilities, car insurance, health insurance, groceries, getting your hair colored, manicures, etc.
    1. Enter your annual property taxes. In the annual property taxes field, input the total amount of money that you unfortunately pay in taxes per year.
    1. Enter your monthly homeowner insurance. In the monthly insurance field, input the total amount of money that you spend on homeowners insurance per month in case, ya know, something bad happens.
    1. Enter your down payment. In the down payment field, input the chunk of change that you initially had to put down to purchase your property.
    1. Enter your interest rate. In the interest rate field, input the rate that you have no control over that you wish was lower.
  1. Enter your mortgage rate. In the mortgage rate field, input the number of years you’re willing to lease out your soul to pay for this house. (It’s usually 15 or 30)

You’ve made it this far, now there’s just this silly little button between you and your new home!