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Top 15 Non-QM Mortgage Lenders, Explained

Your Ultimate Guide to Non-QM Mortgage Lenders What is a Non-QM Mortgage?   A non-QM (Non-Qualified Mortgage) mortgage is a type of loan that doesn’t meet traditional (remove typica)  lending standards and requirements, which are set forth by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). This means that non-QM loans allow lenders to be more flexible […]

Can I Get a Low Down Payment On An Investment Property?

If getting a low down payment on an investment property is possible and how to go about doing it   What is a Down Payment?   A down payment is the initial payment you have to make towards a home. When financing a home, lenders usually ask for a down payment to reduce the amount […]

No Tax Return Mortgages and Lenders

A Complete Guide to Finding No Tax Return Lenders What is a No Tax Return Mortgage?   There are various ways to qualify for a loan that don’t include showing tax returns or income. A no tax return mortgage – also sometimes incorrectly referred to as a “no-income-verification mortgage” – is a mortgage where the […]

Stated Income Mortgages, Lenders, and Interest Rates

Your Comprehensive Guide to Stated Income Mortgages   Whether you’re a first-time or experienced homebuyer, navigating mortgage options can be overwhelming, especially for those with unique income streams or circumstances. This can make the path to homeownership much more challenging, but it doesn’t need to be that way.     Over the years, the mortgage industry […]

ITIN Mortgage Loans: What You Need to Know

The Complete Guide to ITIN Mortgage Loans   If you’re a home buyer without a Social Security Number (SSN), shopping around for a mortgage can be a daunting and challenging process. You might be wondering: Is it even possible to secure a mortgage without an SSN? What options do I have?    While you may […]

Bank Statement Loan Interest Rates, Explained

A comprehensive guide to understanding bank statement loan interest rates   Bank statement loans allow freelancers, gig workers, contract workers, entrepreneurs, and self-employed individuals the opportunity to qualify for a mortgage without using W-2s or tax return information. Instead, lenders rely on bank statements – but how does that affect bank statement loan interest rates?  […]

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