Defy Mortgage Appoints Michael Rogan as Chief Operating Officer

Defy Mortgage
Feb 7, 2023 • 2 min read

February 7, 2023 – Nashville, Tenn. – Defy Mortgage, a national mortgage lender offering unique lending solutions for borrowers with non-traditional income streams and asset types, has announced the appointment of Michael Rogan as Chief Operating Officer. Rogan will lead the company’s effort to modernize the mortgage industry and make purchase and refinance opportunities available to consumers that have embraced alternative assets and various “gig economy” revenue.

Rogan is an accomplished, results-driven executive with expertise in mortgage, retail banking, corporate sales, and international business partnerships. He has extensive knowledge of loan originations, business operations, product management, fintech, system administration, and marketing. His involvement in leadership roles with mortgage industry giants include HSBC, Morgan Stanley and JPMorgan Chase. During his nearly 30-year career in the mortgage and retail banking industry, he has managed teams generating more than $250B in mortgage loans. Additionally, his experience extends to wealth management and retail banking.

“I am incredibly excited to join a company that is entirely focused on helping non-traditional borrowers with non-traditional income streams find a lending option that is nimble and responsive enough to meet their needs,” said Rogan. “Defy is that the forefront of a crucial transformation within the mortgage industry, and I look forward to creating the most innovative mortgage experience for borrowers that is available in the market today.”

At Defy, Rogan’s approach has allowed the mortgage company to foster collaborative, innovative partnerships that have resulted in a tech stack designed for the contemporary borrower. As regulations catch up with advances in mortgage lending technology and API integrations, Defy has entered the market with an unparalleled technology foundation. 

“We are thrilled that Mike is part of the team,” said Todd Orlando, Co-Founder and CEO of Defy Mortgage. “With his vast knowledge of the mortgage industry including building from the ground up, growing originations, revenue growth, and operational strategy, Mike is an ideal leader.  Further, his people skills and culture building make him the perfect fit.”

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