Mortgage Finance Leader Honored for Second Straight Year 

Todd Orlando at Defy Mortgage wins Best of Finance Award 2024 from Inman News

Todd Orlando of Defy Mortgage Accepts Best of Finance Award For His Impact in the Mortgage Industry

For the second year running, Todd Orlando, Co-founder and CEO at Defy Mortgage, has been recognized by Inman News for excellence in the mortgage and lending industry, landing on their prestigious Best of Finance list for 2024. Orlando was also honored as a mortgage finance leader in 2023 for the same award.

The Best of Finance Award honors outstanding leaders and innovators across the residential housing finance sector. This year’s recipients were celebrated for their exceptional service, leadership, and measurable impact in reshaping the mortgage lending landscape for both industry professionals and consumers. The Inman Best of Finance Award honors those pushing the envelope and reshaping the homebuying space. 

Todd Inman Award 2024 1 | Defy Mortgage

“This is a well-deserved acknowledgment of Todd’s exceptional knowledge within the industry, his unwavering commitment to innovation and impact, and his distinguished leadership capabilities,” said Michael Rogan, President and COO at Defy Mortgage. “We congratulate Todd on this tremendous achievement.”

Orlando is an accomplished entrepreneur and financial services executive with over two decades of experience in financial services. His visionary leadership has earned him endorsements from esteemed former colleagues at prestigious institutions across the financial services spectrum. 

As the Co-founder and CEO of Defy Mortgage, a multifaceted financial technology and mortgage company dedicated to broadening access to lending, Orlando has established himself as an industry disruptor, culminating in his award win for the second consecutive year. Orlando’s expertise and contributions have garnered widespread recognition, with features in prominent publications like National Mortgage Professional and HousingWire

Under Orlando’s guidance, Defy Mortgage continues to disrupt traditional lending models with innovative approaches tailored to modern borrowers’ needs, and has rolled out novel products and services under the non-QM loan space inclusive of creative solutions for borrowers who may not fit conventional criteria, such as wealthy entrepreneurs without W2s, real estate investors and foreign nationals. 

“We understand that today’s borrowers need flexible financial partners and creative lending options tailored to their unique needs and lifestyles” says Orlando. 

“That cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach? Not our style. We are driven by a passion for challenging the status quo and creating a new era of lending that puts the power in the hands of borrowers.”

Founded by industry veterans like Orlando who recognized the limitations of rigid institutional processes, the company excels through holistic borrower assessment, offering over 75 customizable financing options for clients with unconventional income sources or unique financial situations. Defy’s dedicated support system and concierge-style service maintain high client satisfaction rates. This comprehensive approach positions Defy as a transformative and flexible financial partner in the evolving mortgage landscape.

“I’m truly honored to be recognized again by Inman for our team’s efforts to transform how mortgages and lending work,” Orlando said.

“This inspires us to continue pushing the boundaries and delivering innovative solutions that benefit both mortgage professionals and homebuyers. We’re here to set new standards in the industry.”

Defy’s goal is simple: to provide clients with a secure, streamlined, and personalized lending experience tailored to their specific needs. That means efficient processes but without any of the impersonal fluff that gives large lenders a bad rep. 

“We are at the forefront of a crucial transformation within the mortgage industry,” said Orlando, “This is just the beginning.” 

Inman’s Best of Finance awards program highlights the leading voices and innovators in the mortgage, lending, and greater real estate arena each year. A full list of 2024 winners can be found at


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