The Top 10 FHA Mortgage Lenders of 2024

Top 10 FHA Lenders

Explore the Top 10 FHA Mortgage Lenders of 2024

FHA loans are a great path to homeownership for first-time homebuyers, those who can’t qualify for a conventional mortgage and/or don’t have enough saved for a large down payment. With stricter qualification requirements, conventional mortgages aren’t for everyone and it can be tough to get approved. On the other hand, FHA loans were created by the Federal Housing Administration to make homeownership more accessible for the average American. The FHA backs all of their loans, which allows lenders to approve applicants with lower credit score and down payment requirements.

As of the third quarter of 2023, about 13% of new home sales were financed using an FHA loan. There’s no doubt that an FHA loan can be beneficial for someone looking to dip their feet into the housing market, and for most people, buying a home is the biggest purchase they’ll ever make in their lives. You wouldn’t buy a home without exploring your options first, and the same should go for choosing your lender. 

If you’re in the process of looking for an FHA lender, look no further. In our guide, we’ve compiled the top 10 FHA mortgage lenders of 2024, so you can make an informed decision on which lender is right for you. 

Top 10 FHA Mortgage Lenders

Rocket Mortgage

Initially founded as a mortgage broker called “Rock Financial” in 1985, Rocket Mortgage has since grown to become one of the largest mortgage lenders in America. Fast forward to 2015, Rocket Mortgage was created as the first end-to-end completely online mortgage experience. Their new process streamlines the mortgage application process by letting borrowers apply and track the status of their loans online. On top of FHA loans, Rocket Mortgage also offers conventional loans, VA loans, and jumbo loans. Today, the company is led by Varun Krishna as the CEO, who has more than 20 years of experience in product development, technology, and leadership. 

Rocket Mortgage | Defy Mortgage

New American Funding

New American Funding was founded in 2003 by Rick and Patty Arvielo with a common goal in mind: helping families from all backgrounds achieve the American dream of homeownership. Their diverse product selection, which includes FHA, VA, USDA, conventional mortgages, and even non-QM loans, caters to the needs of a broad clientele. Their transparent and hands-on approach guides borrowers throughout the entire loan process for new and seasoned home buyers alike. To this day, Rick Arvielo is still serving as the company’s CEO with the same vision he started the company with, along with providing unparalleled service and mortgages at competitive rates. 

New American Funding is one of the top investment property lenders.

Guaranteed Rate

Established in 2000, Guaranteed Rate has a healthy balance of the convenience of 24/7 online applications, along with the human touch of branch visits. Their digital-first approach has led them to pioneer “Transfersafe”, a secure document portal, as well as “FlashClose”, allowing borrowers to close from anywhere within minutes. Guaranteed Rate has a mortgage for everyone with a variety of loan types, such as conventional, FHA, VA, jumbo, and even non-QM loans. For borrowers looking for an advanced and streamlined mortgage lending experience, Guaranteed Rate is a popular choice. Guaranteed Rate’s founder, Victor Ciardelli, is still serving as the President and CEO of the company and is known as an innovative and driven entrepreneur. 

Guaranteed Rate | Defy Mortgage

PNC Bank

PNC Bank has had a strong presence in the banking industry since its founding in 1845. As a traditional bank lender, they offer other banking products catering to personal, small business, and corporate clients to suit a wide range of needs. On top of banking products, they offer various mortgage types, such as conventional, FHA, VA, and jumbo loans. PNC Bank focuses on providing customers with a personalized experience, competitive rates, and a user-friendly online platform. Currently, PNC Bank is led by William Demchak who serves as the company’s Chairman, President, and CEO after joining the bank in 2002 as CFO. 

PNC Bank | Defy Mortgage


Since 2010, loanDepot has been aiming to simplify the home-buying process. Using a tech-driven and customer-centric approach, they’ve been able to develop their mello smartloan™ platform that combines technology with human expertise. loanDepot offers conventional, FHA, and VA loans for borrowers, along with competitive rates. Their commitment to innovation and personalized support has earned them a reputation for modernizing the lending experience. loanDepot’s current President and CEO is Frank Martell, who has over 30 years of executive leadership experience and is known for delivering scaled market leadership. 

Loan Depot is one of the top investment property lenders.

Defy Mortgage

Defy Mortgage was founded in 2023 with a simple and clear mission: to empower dreams, enrich lives, and elevate the mortgage experience for non-traditional borrowers. They recognize that the number of self-employed individuals and gig workers is at an all-time high, and these borrowers need different options than what’s being offered by traditional lenders. On top of FHA loans, Defy specializes in non-QM loans to help non-traditional borrowers secure home financing. Since its founding in 2023, Defy’s CEO has been Todd Orlando, an experienced banker who has continually disrupted the financial services industry with a history of challenging the status quo. 

Defy Mortgage is one of the top investment property lenders.


Founded in 2008, Pennymac has been dedicated to being one of the most trusted partners for homebuyers. Since then, the company has grown to be one of the largest non-bank mortgage lenders in the US. With a range of products including conventional, FHA, VA, and jumbo loans, Pennymac has loan options to meet the needs of many Americans. Their streamlined path to homeownership features a user-friendly online platform, personalized service, and competitive rates. Pennymac’s current Chairman and CEO is David Spector, who has held these titles since 2017.

Pennymac is one of the top investment property lenders.

Guild Mortgage

With a focus on building long-lasting relationships, Guild Mortgage was established in 1960. Since then, they’ve built themselves a reputable brand that emphasizes personalized service, community engagement, and innovative loan solutions. Putting the borrower first, they offer conventional, FHA, VA, USDA, and jumbo loans to suit all types of borrowers. On top of that, their network of branches across the nation provides local expertise to enhance the customer experience. Guild Mortgage is currently led by CEO Terry Schmidt, who joined Guild Mortgage Company LLC in 1985. 

Guild Mortgage | Defy Mortgage

Bank of America

Founded in 1904, Bank of America still stands as a leading mortgage lender with a global presence. Their vast network of branches, along with a user-friendly application process, makes it easy and convenient for borrowers to apply for a mortgage. They offer a few different mortgage types, including conventional, FHA, and VA loans. As a traditional bank lender, Bank of America offers a diverse range of banking products for personal, small business, wealth management, and corporate customers in addition to mortgages. Bank of America’s competitive rates, nationwide presence, and commitment to customer service make them a trusted partner for your journey to homeownership. The company is currently being led by Chair of the Board and CEO Brian Moynihan, who has held these positions since 2010. 

Bank of America | Defy Mortgage

Mr. Cooper

Formerly known as Nationstar Mortgage, Mr. Cooper is one of the largest non-bank servicers. Nationstar was originally founded in 1994 in Denver, Colorado, but shortly moved to Dallas, Texas in 1997, which is where it’s been headquartered ever since. As the company continued to grow, it wanted to better align its corporate identity with the goal of being more customer-centric and technology-driven. In 2017, Nationstar rebranded to Mr. Cooper, which is what the company is now known by. In addition to FHA loans, Mr. Cooper also offers conventional loans, VA loans, and jumbo loans. Currently, Jay Bray serves as the Chairman, President, and CEO of Mr. Cooper Group after serving various leadership roles at Nationstar since joining the company in 2000. 

Mr. Cooper | Defy Mortgage


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