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Coastal U.S. cities are seeing an unusual shift in housing price — and in opposite directions.

East Coast cities are seeing home prices rise as West Coast cities are seeing home prices fall, according to a new report. The larger question is: Which type of homebuyer has the upper hand in this crazy market? The U.S. is quickly seeing home prices move in opposite directions on either side of the coast […]

Turned down for a mortgage but have the assets & meet the requirements? Read this.

Getting approved for a mortgage can be complicated, especially if a borrower doesn’t fit the typical profile for a mortgage borrower. However, there are still ways that borrowers can obtain a mortgage if they search for the right type of loan for them.  What are typical mortgage loan requirements? Typically, lenders will search a borrower’s […]

Everything you need to know about non-QM loans to reach your homeownership dreams

Thinking about a non-QM loan? You’re not alone. The current interest rate climate is fostering a rise in the popularity of alternative loan products. More and more people are looking at alternative lending options to the traditional 30-year conforming mortgage, and here’s why: The Federal Reserve once again hiked the federal funds rate at its […]

Crypto Investors Brace for Crackdown? Here’s what you should do

According to coverage in the Wall Street Journal, “the walls are closing in around crypto.” (The link is here, but fyi, it’s behind a paywall.) It’s an interesting take on regulators finally deciding that crypto trading needs some structuring around the digital-currency business. And they mean business, as some trading was halted in recent weeks. […]

What and who qualifies you for a loan?

When it comes to taking out a mortgage, many borrowers are looking at how to begin, including who qualifies them for a loan and how they can qualify. There are several different ways to go about obtaining a mortgage loan, depending on an individual’s personal circumstances. For example, some first-time homebuyers may have more options […]

Top Mortgage FAQs. You have mortgage questions, Defy Mortgage has the answers.

Buying a home is the largest investment many Americans will make, and, especially for first-time homebuyers, this process will raise a number of questions about navigating the mortgage process. While the home-buying process is unique to each individual homebuyer and dependent on their personal financial situation and the contract they negotiate on the home they […]

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